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NBA Betting Odds - The Defense Rests

NBA betting odds handicappers have long learned to ignore the hype of individual superstars and dynasty name brand teams in their evaluations.
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NBA betting odds are often based on the perception of the general public who are focused on the superstar big names or teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers with their NBA playoffs betting.

The one thing that a good handicapper will always pay attention to when looking at the NBA Playoffs is team defense.

A great example of the importance of defense in post season basketball betting is the Miami Heat.

While the masses are obsessed with LeBron James and his latest antics or moods, or focusing on the offensive production of James and fellow “Three Kings” Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the pros who are making money at the NBA Playoffs are fixated on how Miami was the 3rd ranked defensive team in the playoffs and was a solid 6th best in the NBA in the regular season.

It was defense, far more the offense, that gained Miami its win over the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals.  It is also interesting to note that Miami was the third most profitable team on the board in the NBA Playoffs and that is based in large part because of their defense.

The Chicago Bulls have been another outstanding NBA sports betting success story and defense is again the reason why.  The Bulls were ranked 2nd in the NBA Playoffs for defense and were the top ranked unit in the regular season which goes a long way towards explaining their top seed status in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

While Derrick Rose is a great offensive talent and emerging superstar it was the team defense of Chicago that made the ultimate difference.

The Dallas Mavericks have long been derided as a soft offensive team that lacked toughness in the paint and on defense but that has not been the case in this post season with the NBA betting odds as they ranked 4th in the post season charts for team defense, which has gotten lost in the shuffle with the offensive heroics of Dirk Nowitzki.

The old saying about how offense sells tickets and defense wins championships is proving true in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. It can also be stated that defense wins a lot of bets in the NBA Playoffs.