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NBA Preseason Betting Rankings at Sports Gambling

NBA preseason betting gives gamblers a chance to look at all of the NBA teams before the regular season begins.

In NBA preseason betting odds you may want to remember how the teams stack up in terms of power rankings. Let’s take a look at the top ten teams to watch in NBA preseason odds betting. NBA preseason betting will show that the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are the top two teams in the power rankings.

This makes sense since the Celtics won the NBA title and the Lakers were the runner-up. The Lakers are actually ranked higher by some people in NBA preseason betting rankings but regardless, both teams are good. The team that is getting a lot of hype in advance of NBA preseason betting is the New Orleans Hornets.

It seems everyone believes they have a chance to make a serious mark in NBA preseason odds. The Hornets have Chris Paul, David West and a cast that now includes James Posey who they got from the Celtics. The Hornets are a team to watch in NBA preseason betting.

Another team to watch in NBA preseason odds is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs got guard Mo Williams from Milwaukee in the off-season and could team with LeBron James to give the Cavaliers some serious scoring. Another team that is getting some press in NBA preseason betting is the Houston Rockets.

They added Ron Artest in the off-season and many people are wondering how he will fit in with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. The NBA preseason betting schedule could give gamblers some idea. Utah is another team that gamblers like to follow in NBA preseason odds.

They have Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer and can win any game. Philadelphia could be a team to watch in NBA preseason betting. They added Elton Brand and combined with Andre Iguodala, they could be tough in NBA preseason betting. NBA preseason betting shows that perennial powers Detroit and San Antonio are slipping.

Both teams look older and may not be as good as last season.

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