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NBA Lines and Odds at Sports Gambling

NBA lines logically must be handicapped differently for every single team you may be NBA betting lines upon.

For example, NBA lines on teams that have a high number of older, veteran players must be handicapped carefully, particularly towards the end of the season. As you analyze the NBA betting lines for such teams it is necessary to keep in mind that older players may wear down and may struggle during the long grind of the NBA lines year.

Some NBA lines enthusiasts make the mistake of ignoring the ages of players when they handicap the NBA lines. This can be a major NBA betting lines error because the older NBA players must be considered differently than the younger ones.

The NBA season is very long and playing so frequently certainly takes its toll on the bodies of the players. The younger players are able to handle the grind, but often the older players begin to struggle later in the season, which should be a point of focus when you look at the NBA lines.

Sometimes these players experience relatively serious injuries that keep them off of the court, which would surely be incorporated into the NBA lines. But just as often, the problems are very minor and are never directly reflected in the NBA lines. Therefore, as the gambler it is your job to anticipate these issues as you look at the NBA lines.

Virtually every team in the NBA has some veterans, so in a sense this handicapping factor should impact the NBA lines of each and every team. Nevertheless, there are definitely always some teams that have a much higher quantity of older veterans.

Often, these are the teams who are focused on success in the given year, rather than focusing on the future with an infusion of young talent. For such teams one must be particularly weary of the basketball betting lines late in the season and particularly in the playoffs when the older bodies start to break down.

Also, sometimes such teams will begin to rest their older players towards the end of the season, if they are not fighting for playoff spots, so this fact also must be considered in your analysis of the NBA betting lines.

However, there are also times when the NBA lines will in fact consider the ages of the players, but they will exaggerate this impact in the posted NBA lines, so you should actually wager against the players’ ages having a huge effect on the game.