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NBA Gambling Straight Bets at Sports Gambling

NBA gambling involves straight bets, parlays, teasers, money lines, props, etc. and there are many more choices at online NBA gambling.

You would think when people start talking about NBA gambling that people would understand straight betting and understand why it works over other forms of betting. Most people don’t. NBA gambling players oftentimes get involved in parlays, teasers, money lines, props, etc.

Those are not bad things to play from time to time but they should not be your main focus in online NBA gambling. Let’s look at some specific examples to illustrate the plusses of straight betting.

If you happen to be betting three games in online basketball gambling college football games on a Saturday then you should play all of them for the same amount. If you win all three, that's great, but winning two of three is much more likely than sweeping the three games. Two out of three produces a profit for your day.

Even winning just one of the three bets in NBA gambling is not a horrible result. When you get into the routine of betting parlays and teasers, there's no result possible except winning or losing the parlay and that means all the games on the online NBA gambling ticket. Parlays and teasers are all or nothing investments in NBA gambling.

In addition to playing your games individually you should also play them for the same amount in NBA gambling. This is called flat betting and means you put the same amount of money on each play. The advantage to playing every game for the same amount is twofold in NBA gambling.

First, you don’t have to decide upon differing wagering amounts and second, you won’t be losing money when you have a winning day, `yet your best play loses. When you vary your bet size, picking more winners than losers does not guarantee yourself a profit in NBA gambling.

When you flat bet, keeping your bet size the same amount, regardless of how much you like the plays make things much simpler. If you win more games than you lose then you make money in NBA gambling.

When you make straight bets and flat bets you make the same bet every single time in online NBA gambling. That is discipline and it keeps you from making bad decisions.