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NBA Gambling Spreads at Sports Gambling

NBA gambling spreads need to be handicapped with an acknowledgment for various basketball gambling factors.

Many NBA gambling enthusiasts would debate the significance of these various basketball gambling components. One perfect example of this debate is how important NBA bettors consider the win-loss record of each team to be when handicapping the NBA gambling spreads.

There is no question that records should be a factor in the NBA gambling spreads, but the reality is that their importance is quite limited. NBA gambling spreads should naturally be analyzed with recognition of each team’s record because the record is the most important indicator of each team’s success or lack of it.

Records do not lie and anyone with much NBA gambling experience knows that even very early in the season the better teams begin to establish winning records.

Also, when you start considering simply recent win-loss records, such as within the last ten games, these statistics can be even more useful in you evaluation of the NBA gambling spreads.

This data is helpful in an analysis of the NBA gambling spreads because it will show how a team is performing and whether it is in the midst of a hot or cold streak. However, one must be careful not to overestimate the importance of a NBA team’s record during the handicapping of the NBA gambling spreads involving that team.

A team’s record can be influenced by a large number of factors unrelated to the NBA gambling spreads, such as the quality of competition that has been faced. For example, teams in a weak division will likely have a better record than teams in a difficult division, yet that fact should not be relevant.

Also, a record can be greatly impacted by just a few lucky shots that determine the result of a few games. While these shots may determine a team’s record, they do not necessarily indicate how good a team is, and consequently how one should handicap the basketball gambling spreads.

Finally, it must be remembered that NBA gambling spreads are based on point spreads, while win-loss records are based on straight up wins and losses.

Therefore, such records do not communicate how successful a team has been in relation to the NBA gambling spreads, which actually may be a much better indicator of future success.