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NBA Betting Odds All Star Game at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

NBA betting odds fans are in for a treat, the NBA all star game is set to go down and NBA odds should not miss this

With the complete rosters of both teams recently announced NBA betting odds fans will have several weeks to mull over the game and search out the lines they like? NBA betting odds on the all star game are not regular lines.  For one thing, every player on the court is a high-scoring superstar, something that is not at all normal for most NBA odds games.

This year for the West all the usual mainstays that NBA betting odds have grown accustomed to will be on the court for one of the biggest events in. Headlining the starting line up for the East is a group of players that any NBA betting odds fan would love to have on their team.

The top players on the NBA betting odds squad are LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.  These are two most exciting players you’ll see in NBA odds and fans obviously love these guys are they wouldn’t have been voted starters.

Joining them is a pretty formidable trio that NBA betting odds fans would have hard time betting against the lines.  Kevin Garnett, the aging Jason Kidd and the youngster Dwight Howard round out one of the best starting fives fans will ever see.

Out West, attempting to counterbalance the East in the NBA odds and likely succeeding the starting five is also composed of favorites.  Kobe Bryant is of course a part of this team as is Yao Ming, who will voted in as starter in mid-season classic for life.

Joining these two regulars on the NBA betting odds will be Tim Duncan, another lifer for NBA betting odds all star game and Allen Iverson and Carmello Anthony, both first time starters for the West but hardly strangers to NBA betting odds fans and the world in general.

Both squads are talented groups and it’s difficult to the benefit to one side or the other.  However, one general piece of knowledge that could turn the tide in many minds is the fact that the West is a much better conference than the East, so logically the NBA betting odds should favor the West team.

It sounds logical, but as everyone involved with NBA betting odds, knows you must throw logic out the window and see how the game plays out.