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NBA Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

NBA betting odds are usually listed first where one team is laying points to another team. Let’s look at basketball odds and give you some examples.

NBA betting odds in terms of pointspreads equalize the chances of both teams in NBA gambling. It makes it so both teams technically have a chance in a basketball odds wager. For example, in NBA gambling you might have the Dallas Mavericks hosting the Atlanta Hawks.

Without the NBA betting odds pointspread you will get every single bettor to wager that Dallas will beat Atlanta. That is not a fair wager and one in which no sportsbook would put up. The NBA betting odds pointspread makes it so Atlanta can be attractive to bettors.

In this example it might look like this: 305 Atlanta Hawks 306 Dallas Mavericks -13 In this example if you like the Mavericks in basketball odds you are risking the normal $110 for every $100 you want to win or 11/10 and you are giving the Hawks 13 points.

For you to win this wager the Mavericks must win the game by more than 13 points. If they win by exactly 13 points it is a tie or what is called a push against the NBA betting odds and money is refunded. If they win the game by less than 13 points your wager on Dallas loses.

If you like the Hawks you have the same 11/10 NBA betting odds wager and you receive 13 points. The Hawks then just have to lose the game by less than 13 points for you to win your basketball odds wager. The NBA betting odds pointspread makes it so bettors have reason to take both sides of a game.

Without the NBA betting odds pointspread the better teams would get all the action and sportsbooks would not be profitable. In this previous example there may still be more bettors that take Dallas but now the sportsbook has a decent chance to make money because the basketball odds are fair.

It is not easy to cover big numbers and now the game should be competitive in terms of the NBA betting odds pointspread. If the sportsbook gets too much action on Dallas they would just make the number higher, like -14 or -15.

This makes it tougher for Dallas to cover and also makes it more attractive for bettors that now may take a shot with the Hawks. Those are the basics of basketball betting odds and what you are likely to see at sportsbooks.