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NBA Betting Lines and Odds at Sports Gambling

NBA betting lines are impacted by a variety of factors, and injuries are one of the most important NBA lines factors you must pay attention to.

NBA betting lines are typically affected most by large injuries to star players. Nevertheless, minor injuries can also have a major impact on NBA lines and should be paid lots of attention when you handicap the NBA betting lines.

It should come as no surprise that NBA betting lines are strongly impacted by serious injuries, particularly those that affect key players. Often these injuries will be clearly marked in injury reports and will be fully incorporated into the NBA betting lines.

With only five people on the floor at any given moment, it is clear why NBA lines can be so drastically affected by the lack of just a single player. When you handicap the NBA betting lines in such a situation, the trick is to determine just how much of an impact the loss of the given player will be, and how good his replacement is.

In other words, sometimes the loss of a mediocre player will have even more of an impact on the NBA betting lines than the loss that a superstar player has on NBA betting lines, simply because there is a better substitute who can replace the superstar player.

The NBA betting lines will always incorporate injuries, but that does not mean that there does not exist excellent opportunity for value in such NBA lines situations.

Handicapping teams dealing with injuries is fairly challenging and is based on several somewhat unknown factors, meaning that the basketball betting lines for such games sometimes offer the absolute best value on the board. Minor NBA injures are also very important to take into consideration when you handicap NBA betting lines.

For example, soreness or aching that a player is suffering from, even if it does not prevent him from playing, can have a huge impact on his performance level. Consequently, the more reliable and vast the injury knowledge you have, the better you will be able to evaluate the NBA betting lines.

If you correctly handicap a very minor injury that is overlooked by other NBA gamblers, then that can give you a major handicapping advantage over your peers.

If the majority of the public does not believe the injury to be serious, then it will likely not be incorporated into the NBA betting lines, but that does not necessarily mean that the injury will not have a significant impact on the game.