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NBA Basketball Gambling

Basketball gambling offers a wide variety of profit potential because of the sheer amount of games and teams on the online basketball gambling board.

Basketball gambling at Sports Gambling involves a lot of teams playing every day but that is sometimes good news. The oddsmakers are going to make some mistakes and put out some weak online basketball gambling lines from time to time.

The key is knowing how to discover what a weak online basketball gambling line is and where to find it. The NBA regular season, for example, is 82 games per team while the over 300 Division 1-A college basketball teams all play nearly 30 games or more before the post season conference tournaments and March Madness.

Where you are not likely to discover a weak online basketball gambling line is on the more high profile or “name brand” teams that the masses at an online sportsbook will flock too.

The basketball gambling oddsmakers are a lot more careful about the lines that they set for high profile games and teams, which means the weak basketball gambling lines are more likely to be caught in the lower profile games with lesser known or respected teams.

The post season in both pro and college basketball is an entirely different basketball gambling handicapping dynamic than the regular season and that is precisely where so many gamblers get themselves into trouble as they bet the post season based on regular season results.

You must keep that in mind as you look at basketball gambling lines. Just because a team did well in the regular season does not mean that success will transfer into the post season. The Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks are notorious for doing well in the regular season and choking the playoffs.

The same thing can happen in college basketball as well. You might see a team like North Carolina roll into the post season and then struggle against the college line. You must throw out regular season results when the post season begins in both NBA basketball gambling and college basketball gambling.