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NBA Betting Odds & Lines at Sports Gambling

NBA betting odds must be evaluated with an appreciation for the wide variety of NBA betting factors that impact results.

One very important NBA betting factor that is always incorporated into the NBA betting odds is which team will be playing as the away team. NBA betting odds always give a slight disadvantage to the away team, although some NBA betting enthusiasts would argue that it is too much.

It is quite logical that the NBA betting odds give something of a disadvantage to the away teams. Away teams must travel (sometimes very long distances), play on an unfamiliar court, and perform in front of a hostile environment.

Any one of these facts alone could independently affect the NBA betting odds, so it is obvious that the combination of them all together can have a huge impact on the NBA betting odds. There are times when the team listed as the underdog in the NBA betting odds is simply the underdog because they are the away team.

The impact of playing on the road will be greater in the NBA odds if the away team must travel a very long distance, because such trips – particularly cross country ones – can leave teams sluggish, fatigued, and jetlagged.

Additionally, the NBA betting odds can be particularly strongly impacted if the away team is reaching the end of an extended trip on the road, because such stints have very obvious effects on players’ performances.

While being an away team certainly has impacts that must be recognized as you handicap the NBA betting odds, sometimes these impacts are exaggerated. There is no doubt that underdogs have a better chance of upsetting teams at home than on the road, and this fact is often reflected in the NBA betting odds.

But at the same time, the better NBA teams are good for a reason, and the best teams are often just as good at winning on the road as they are at home. The playoffs virtually demand teams to be able to win on the road, and it is a skill that teams focus on all season.

The fact of the matter is that the best teams are good wherever they play, and often the bottom teams cannot compete either at home or on the road.

In other words, there will certainly be situations when you wan to pay only a little attention to the disadvantages of the away team as you handicap the NBA betting odds and primarily focus on the other NBA betting factors.