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NBA Odds: Miami Heat vs. Utah Jazz

There is sure to be plenty of excitement in the air when the Miami Heat take on the Utah Jazz in Utah.

With an all star line up and Jazz's Jeremy Evans coming off quite the exciting All Star Weekend break with the NBA Slam Dunk Championship, you can be sure the pace of the game will be fast, with a good chance for a high score in the game. Here's what to look for in the Heat at Jazz game tonight.

The Miami Heat, lead by Dwayne Wade and Lebron James are currently the NBA's leading team, with a 28-7 record. While the Utah Jazz are looking to improve their 18-16 record. Comparing the Miami Heat to the Utah Jazz, the Heat are still a solid 71.2 percentage favorite to win the game, even though it is being played in Utah.

You know Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are going to score a great percentage of the Heat's points. With Chris Bosh out, due to a death in the family, the remaining Heat players are going to have to pick up the slack on the rebounding.

The rebounding is where the Miami Heat and Utah Jazz are similiar, as both times are predicted to receive around the same rebounding percentage for the game. Check the Basketball Odds for the Heat vs. Trail Blazers game.

The battle from three point land will also be an interesting one. The Miami Heat are currently averaging almost seven three pointers per game, while the Jazz are averaging just over four per game.

All stats aside, this game is expected to be another windfall for the Miami Heat, as Lebron James continues to make it his personal mission to take every game as serious as the NBA Finals. After failing to win the championship last year, Lebron James has been more productive and dedicated than ever. Look forward to Dwayne Wade and LeBron James controlling the tempo of the game, while scoring more than half of the Heat's total points for the game.

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