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Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Betting at Sports Gambling

Basketball betting on the Lakers is almost entirely on Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are a threat against the NBA betting for only one reason and that is Kobe.

Basketball betting oftentimes has the Los Angeles Lakers as an underdog because they don’t have anything other than Kobe. This can give the Lakers some value against the basketball betting when Kobe plays well and he often does.

Experts that bet NBA betting last season know that the Lakers made the playoffs simply for the fact that Kobe scored a ton of points every night. That will need to be the case again if the Lakers are to win against the basketball betting.

Fans that look at basketball betting on the Lakers this year will want to know that the only major addition to the team is Derek Fisher. He will be an upgrade over Smush Parker and may provide some scoring support for Kobe. Lamar Odom puts up decent numbers but is never a player that fans of basketball betting want to rely upon.

Experts that consider basketball betting think that rookie Javaris Crittenton could make an impact sooner than later. Fans of NBA betting know that Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton are in the starting lineup but really are bench players on any other team. The starting lineup consists of Kobe, Fisher, Odom, Bynum and Walton.

If that lineup looks weak other than Kobe, it is. Perhaps Crittenton will provide some support in his rookie season. The Lakers are all about Kobe Bryant when it comes to NBA gambling lines. If he has a great night they have a chance to win. If he struggles they are likely to lose versus NBA betting.

Those fans that look at basketball betting remember that some nights Kobe can be great and the Lakers still lose. It may be that way again in 2007-2008 for fans that consider the Lakers on the basketball betting this season.