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Indiana Pacers Online Basketball Betting at Sports Gambling

Online basketball betting experts believe the Indiana Pacers are a team with no direction and no future. NBA betting lines have the Pacers as an underdog.

The only thing online basketball betting fans can look forward to this season is the continued play of Danny Granger. He was the one bright spot for Indiana last year as online basketball betting experts know. Fans that look at NBA betting lines know that new head coach Jim O’Brien is in for a long year.

Online basketball betting fans that follow Indiana know that the Pacers have very little to look forward to. They have Jermaine O'Neal who does not want to be there, horribly overpaid players Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy and a team president in Larry Bird that does not know how to run a team.

The Pacers on paper still have a starting lineup that looks okay versus online basketball betting lines. The problem with that lineup according to online basketball betting experts is that it doesn’t play up to potential.

Experts that look at online basketball betting lines see that the guards are Jamaal Tinsley who has suddenly lost all of his basketball skills and the overpaid Mike Dunleavy. Fans of online basketball betting lines see that the forwards are the exciting Danny Grander and the overrated Troy Murphy.

Jermaine O’Neal is a good center when he is motivated to play and that will not be the case in Indiana according to basketball betting lines experts. It is rare when looking at online basketball betting lines when a team doesn’t have any value but that is going to be the case with Indiana most of the year.

Granger is the only player that can be counted upon to score and rebound on a regular basis. The other players will show up on occasions and the Pacers will win but most of the time they won’t and the Pacers will lose for online NBA betting fans. That makes predicting games on the basketball betting lines tough for those that follow Indiana.