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How the New York Knicks Failed In 2014-15

The New York Knicks have long been seen by people as regular contenders for NBA dominance. However, the Knicks finished with a 17-65 record in the 2014-15 season, thus leading to one of the worst records in the NBA. There are a few points that deserve to be explored to determine just what caused the team to fail as badly as it did.

The Offense Didn't Work

Coaching legend Phil Jackson became the new president of the Knicks recently. He suggested that the Knicks should be using the traditional triangle offense that he used to win all of the NBA titles that he had during his career. However, it turned out that Jackson's idea did not work as well as he had hoped. This led to plenty of miscommunication between the individual players on the team.

Hardly Any Support For Carmelo

Carmelo Anthony was the only player who really got any kind of effort out there on the court. Anthony had 24.2 points per game this year. He also had 6.6 rebounds per game, a total that is also much higher than what many others had on the team. The lack of support that Anthony had during the season ended up being a big problem that kept the team from going anywhere this past year.

A Lack of Coaching Experience

No one expected new coach Derek Fisher to make it out too much this year. This was Fisher's first year as the coach of the Knicks and his first as a head coach anywhere. This proved to show that he was not as strong or capable as he had hoped he could be. The potential for him to improve is there but the biggest concern is that he has to do this in a tough environment made worse by the extreme media pressure that New York-area athletes are often placed under.

The New York Knicks will have a good spot in the 2015 NBA Draft. This could at least help the Knicks to improve but it will be interesting regardless of that to see what the team will actually do.