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Houston Rockets Pro Basketball Betting at Sports Gambling

Pro basketball betting on the Houston Rockets has revolved around Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming the past couple of years rising NBA betting.

Those pro basketball betting have not always been consistent because both players have missed time with injuries. NBA betting on the Rockets in 2007-2008 seasons may be different because Houston has picked up some depth that includes Steve Francis, who returns home. The Rockets also added Luis Scola from Argentina.

Other additions to the Rockets that may influence the pro basketball betting include guard Mike James, who also used to play in Houston. Experts that consider basketball betting lines see that the team drafted Kyle Landry and Aaron Brooks who both should help.

The Rockets have a solid core of players that can influence the NBA betting but they need to stay healthy and they could also use Bonzi Wells to show up once in a while. Experts that consider pro basketball betting know that McGrady is getting older and the Rockets really need to win now while they have the chance.

What should help the Rockets this season immensely according to experts that look at pro basketball betting is new head coach Rick Adelman. He did a fine job with Sacramento and will do even better with a more talented Rockets team.

Fans that look at pro basketball betting see that the Rockets won 52 games last year despite Yao missing 34 games and McGrady constantly fighting back NBA injuries. Many experts that consider NBA betting think the starting lineup really has a lot of firepower with Yao, McGrady, Scola, Francis and Shane Battier.

Experts that consider NBA basketball betting lines believe that if Wells can come off the bench and provide a spark the Rockets could be a real force in the Western Conference this season.

The Western Conference is full of talent with the Spurs, Mavericks and Suns, but pro basketball betting will include the Houston Rockets who have serious talent. They could make a mark in NBA betting this season and be a decent bet throughout the year. Remember to take a look at the Rockets versus the pro basketball betting this season.