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China Games in NBA Preseason Betting at Sports Gambling

NBA preseason betting in 2008 will feature the NBA China Games as the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors match up.

NBA preseason betting odds on these games should be interesting and popular since both games will be televised on ESPN. NBA China Games 2008 will feature the first NBA game played in Guangzhou. NBA preseason betting will have Golden State and Milwaukee playing in Guangzhou on Oct. 15th.

The two then travel to Beijing to play on Oct. 18 at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena. Both of these NBA preseason betting games will also be televised live in China and to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. This is the third time that the league has had NBA preseason odds games in China.

In 2004 the Rockets and Kings played in Shanghai and Beijing. Last October there were three NBA preseason betting games between the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Orlando Magic and the Team China All-Stars in China. NBA preseason betting in 2008 will give gamblers 115 games to choose from this season.

NBA preseason betting games will not only be in China, Europe, but in a number of cities across the United States in addition to normal home venues. There are actually 33 non-NBA cities that will host games this season on the NBA preseason betting schedule.

NBA preseason odds are oftentimes unpredictable since many teams do not play their starters for long periods of time. This means that most NBA preseason betting lines will be small. Rarely will teams be favored by more than just a few points in NBA preseason odds.

The exceptions to this rule will be in certain situations late in the NBA preseason betting schedule where starters play a lot more. Other occasions could be in China and Europe where one team plays more starters than the other squad. In those instances the NBA preseason odds could be a little higher.

NBA preseason betting will have a few games on national television in 2008. ESPN and TNT are both doing a few games, most of which are late in the NBA preseason betting schedule.

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