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Chicago Bulls NBA Betting at Sports Gambling

NBA betting shows that the Chicago Bulls are one of the favorites in the Eastern Conference this season.

NBA betting odds will have the Bulls favored most of the time at home where they were very tough last season. The Bulls may have enough talent to get through the Eastern Conference this season. Experts that look at NBA betting know Chicago can play defense with anyone but they usually need more offense.

Fans that bet Basketball betting odds know that the Bulls got a great season out of Luol Deng last year but very little production from the other players offensively. The Bulls had Kirk Hinrich having a good regular season but he became invisible in the playoffs as fans of NBA betting are well aware.

Ben Gordon had a good year but needs to improve this season if the Bulls are to take the next step and excite fans of NBA betting. Andrew Nocioni is a solid player off the bench and provides good support to Deng and Gordon according to NBA betting experts.

The Bulls added Joe Smith in the off-season in addition to draft picks Joakim Noah and Aaron Gray. Those additions could definitely be a factor in how well the Bulls do this season. Most NBA betting experts believe that the Bulls need another superstar player to win an NBA title.

The Bulls play excellent defense on a regular basis and are always a threat to go under versus Basketball betting odds. Ben Wallace is an excellent defender as fans of Basketball betting odds know and a shot blocker and gets support on the wing from Deng while Gordon and Hinrich are also good defenders.

Experts that look at NBA betting see the Bulls as a threat most of the time in games against Eastern Conference teams. Those NBA betting experts like to bet the Bulls at home and fade them on the road. That trend could be one worth following again in basketball gambling odds this season.

The NBA betting should have the Bulls as a team to watch in the 2007-2008 season.