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Boston Celtics Online Basketball Betting at Sports Gambling

Online basketball betting on the Boston Celtics took a dramatic turn in the off-season as the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

It is now a potent threesome of Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce in Boston for online basketball betting fans to consider. Online basketball betting fans will want to pay attention to Boston this season. With Garnett, Allen and Pierce they have an excellent trio that can influence pro basketball betting on a nightly basis.

The Celtics also picked up defensive stalwart James Posey who may be more important than first realized to online basketball betting fans. Some fans that look at pro basketball betting are now wondering if the Celtics will be overvalued this season.

Fans of online basketball betting see that Garnett has never won anything in his career, Pierce has constantly been a ball hog in Boston and Ray Allen can only shoot from the outside. It could be that the press for Boston will outweigh their value in online basketball betting.

The question that experts of online basketball betting are asking about the Celtics is whether or not they can stay healthy. Allen is injury prone and getting old, Pierce has been hurt nearly every season and Garnett has seen his best days. Most online basketball betting experts still like the look of Boston this season though.

The Celtics also have Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins but both are just looking to pass the ball to the big three. The Celtics according to many online basketball betting experts are similar to the Heat. Fans that look at pro basketball betting think that if they stay healthy they will be a force.

Most online basketball betting experts know that if Boston has any significant injuries they are in trouble. Boston will be a force on the pro basketball betting this season. Garnett, Pierce and Allen will put up excellent numbers if they stay healthy.

The Celtics will be overvalued and a popular NBA betting team so finding value when they play might be difficult.