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Basketball Lines at Sports Gambling

Basketball lines should be evaluated upon a variety of factors. One of these issues into your analysis of basketball betting lines is long road trips.

Basketball lines season often involves long trips that take teams all across the nation, and this travel can have a large impact on the games. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that basketball betting lines should be impacted from something such as long road trips.

While handicappers often pour through statistics and trends regarding past basketball lines in the search of one useful nugget to help in the handicapping of basketball lines, the most useful information can sometimes be the most basic.

For example, if you know that one star player is feeling somewhat ill or even just had a bad night of sleep, then that would be hugely valuable in your interpretation of the basketball lines. The long road trips that teams endure fit perfectly into this category of knowledge for handicapping basketball betting lines.

Also, this information is particularly valuable because it is obvious and sometimes overlooked in the basketball lines. Anytime the basketball lines do not incorporate something like this into the number, then the basketball lines can offer tremendous value.

As you look for these situations in the online basketball betting lines, you should also keep in mind that trips for West Coast teams to the East Coast are often more difficult than for East Coast teams to the West Coast. Losing time as you move east can be very difficult for the body to handle, as business travelers well know.

Consequently, this fact should be included in your evaluation of the basketball lines. Also, the length of the road trips should be a significant factor in the basketball lines. Teams that are at the end of long stretches on the road typically become sluggish and weary.

Even if the slowness is unnoticeable to the casual observer, it can be enough to make a favored team fall to an underdog.

Consequently, you should always be sure to factor this element into your handicapping of the basketball lines and do not be afraid to bet against good teams in the midst of long road trips, even if the basketball lines would normally not seem to offer all that much value.