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Basketball Betting Odds Best Friend at Sports Gambling

Basketball betting odds can be both, your best friend and your worst enemy as a basketball gambler. Be very aware of recent basketball odds.

Every day you must carefully analyze the basketball betting odds on the betting board and find the basketball odds that offer the most value. You will inevitably win some bets and lose others, but the goal is to consistently find enough value in the basketball betting odds to come out ahead at the end of the season.

Sometimes, the difference between winning and losing a bet on basketball odds is a mere point, meaning that even just half point differences in the line can sometimes be crucial in your handicapping of basketball betting odds.

This fact brings up the interesting question of when exactly you should wager on basketball betting odds that appear to offer value. It is often a good idea to analyze the available basketball betting odds as soon as possible, once they have been posted.

As you know, basketball odds can change, sometimes significantly, between the time when they are first posted and the moment when the game begins. The sooner you can handicap the available basketball betting odds, the less chance there is that you will lose them.

Some would argue that you should wait until just before the game to bet upon the basketball odds, because they may further improve. However, this is a poor betting strategy. As long as you see value in the posted basketball betting odds then you should go ahead and pounce on them when they are there and place your bet.

If you have found value in the basketball betting odds for a game, then there is a good chance that many other NBA bettors have as well, so it is probably more likely the number will be moved to a worse, rather than better number, if it does move at all.

Losing nice basketball betting odds is frustrating, and it can also lead to poor gambling, as many gamblers end up betting on the original side even after it has been moved to a worse number.

The only time when it will be worthwhile to delay in wagering on basketball betting odds that offer value is when you are very confident that the point spread will further move in your favour. Such handicapping is very difficult, but some expert NBA handicappers can in fact make those predictions.

However, even in this situation it is probably recommendable to bet a small amount on the initial basketball betting odds you like and then waiting to see if they improve.