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Basketball Betting Odds Online at Sports Gambling

Basketball betting odds are perhaps the most difficult to assess when you are handicapping the odds early in the season.

Basketball betting odds at the beginning of any season are typically fairly consistent with the basketball betting odds that were being offered for each team at the end of the previous season. With the exception of teams that have been involved in major trades, bettors usually delay in anticipating major changes in the basketball odds from one season to the next.

Such an interpretation of the basketball odds is actually quite logical because the past season offers the greatest body of handicapping knowledge to work with. Additionally, the preseason can sometimes be more misleading than helpful when it comes to handicapping the basketball betting odds.

Also, the reality is that there should not be a huge change in the basketball betting odds from one year to the next because the changes are typically minor. It is rare for teams from the NBA Finals not to at least reach the playoffs in the following season, so expecting some consistency can help your interpretation of the basketball betting odds.

There is a natural temptation early in the season to handicap the basketball betting odds while thinking primarily about last season.

There is certainly a limit on how much will change in one offseason, and normally the best teams stay good while the worst teams stay bad, but there is also lots of change from year to year so you must be flexible in incorporating new information into your analysis of the basketball betting odds.

On the other hand, one problem with many handicappers’ analyses of basketball betting odds is that once the season has begun they refuse to accept the changes that have occurred since last season.

For whatever reason, some of the better teams one season will struggle the following year and some of the worst teams from one season will have great success, both in winning games and against the basketball betting odds.

Once you have had an opportunity to see different teams perform in the new season, those performances should be the most important factors to consider in your handicapping of the basketball odds. Expecting the basketball betting odds to reflect the previous season’s teams is a sure way to struggle in your handicapping.

In other words, you must remain very flexible in your evaluations of the basketball betting odds and be quick to accept the changes that occur between one season and the next.