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Atlanta Hawks - NBA Betting at Sports Gambling

NBA betting fans should find the Hawks interesting, full of youth and enthusiasm could make them dangerous versus the basketball betting odds.

NBA betting experts see that the Hawks added two excellent rookies in Al Horford from Florida, and Acie Law from Texas Tech, both who will probably start. The Hawks are still not a team though that you can blindly bet every night in basketball betting. They are very young and will make mistakes.

Considering NBA betting tips they have no real center in the middle although Horford will help inside. Looking at the Hawks could be a little risky but they may be worth taking as an underdog. Many fans of basketball betting realize that the Hawks have Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, who can score on a regular basis.

Shelden Williams is expected to be the starting center and he is a question mark. The play of Acie Law could also be important as you consider NBA betting tips this season. He could be a major key to how well the Hawks do against the basketball gambling pointspread in 2008.

The good news for the Hawks and for anyone that is looking at Atlanta in terms of basketball betting tips is that they have a decent bench. It could be that Josh Childress, Marvin Williams, Speedy Claxton and Zaza Pachulia all come off the bench this year. That would make them a much deeper team and one to consider in NBA betting tips.

The Hawks have the versatility to make things interesting this season for NBA betting odds. They may decide to run up and down the court with their speed and trade baskets with other teams. That could present some in interesting opportunities on the NBA betting line in terms of totals in 2008.

The bottom line for NBA betting fans of Atlanta this season is that the Hawks are young. They probably don’t have enough experience yet to make the playoffs but they can make some noise against the NBA betting pointspread.