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Baseball Bet on Washington Nationals at Sports Gambling

Baseball bet handicapping for the 2008 Washington Nationals should take into account the team’s past successes against the baseball betting odds.

Last year Washington had a pitiful season, but was actually a consistently strong baseball bet. Despite what many baseball betting enthusiasts may initially think about the Nationals, there is a very possible chance that the team will once again be a top baseball bet in Major League Baseball.

Baseball bet handicapping on a team like the Washington Nationals is obviously only astute due to the opportunities afforded by the baseball betting lines. Last year the Nationals were one of the worst teams in the entire league, finishing the season with a 73-89 overall record.

However, against the baseball betting run line, the Nationals boasted a superb 93-69 record that made the team a top baseball bet. In fact, a baseball bet on the Nationals last season was about as profitable as a baseball bet on virtually any other team.

Baseball betting analysts do not predict much improvement at all from the Nationals in the near future. The team is expected to remain in the dregs of the MLB and many bettors will likely continue to shun the opportunity to place a baseball bet on the Nationals.

However, as last year’s baseball betting record indicates, the Nationals can be an excellent baseball bet despite the team’s inability to actually win any games.

The Nationals have simply been so bad for so long that the lines makers who place the odds that gamblers baseball bet upon have been forced to continually list the Nationals as huge underdogs in order to attract people to baseball bet on the team.

Consequently, in many games the baseball betting odds are actually placed below the level they should be at, meaning the team is able to win or at least cover the spread in many games.

Most gamblers looking to place a baseball bet in 2008 will likely continue to hold the opinion that the Nationals are not worth a baseball bet, indicating this phenomenon may continue into 2008 and provide knowledgeable gamblers with excellent baseball betting value.

It is far from certain that this profit potential will exist, yet it is certainly a possibility worth paying attention to as you look to place a baseball bet toward the beginning of the season.