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Baseball Betting Odds for Toronto Blue Jays at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting odds for the Toronto Blue Jays in ‘08 will likely continue to reflect the Jays’ run as a mediocre team struggling to gain respect.

Being in the AL East with the Yankees and Red Sox means that the Blue Jays’ baseball odds often list them as underdogs, but Toronto nevertheless sometimes surpasses the expectations laid out for the team in the baseball betting odds.

Last year, the Blue Jays performed fairly well against the baseball odds, and they will be looking to build on that moderate success in 2008. Baseball betting odds for the Toronto Blue Jays last year seemed to provide value just as frequently as the baseball odds did not provide value.

Toronto finished the season with an 83-79 overall record and an identical, 83-79 record against the baseball betting odds.

One reason why the Blue Jays often struggle against the baseball odds and are frequently overlooked is that they play in a division with New York and Boston - two perennial contenders that are almost always favored in the baseball betting odds.

With so many games against such stellar teams, it is hard to build a strong record against the baseball betting odds, so in some ways one could argue that Toronto is doing fairly well.

Furthermore, those bettors who spent time handicapping the Blue Jays’ baseball odds last season know that the squad suffered some pitching injuries that impacted the baseball betting odds and the team’s chances of winning.

With its pitching staff healthy again, there is reason for hope this season in Toronto, and the baseball betting odds will likely reflect this optimism.

The Blue Jays do not have many superstars, although outfielder Alex Rios did earn a spot in last year’s All-Star game and designated hitter Frank Thomas is still capable of cranking out huge home run blasts. However, the Blue Jays’ success depends on having a solid core of players that can compete consistently.

Wagering on the baseball betting odds of the Blue Jays in 2008 one should expect to find a variety of gambling options, because they are good enough for the baseball betting odds to favor them considerably in some games, yet still struggle enough for the baseball betting odds to list them as underdogs in other match ups.

The key to evaluating the team’s baseball betting odds is to ride its hot and cold streaks and gauge the healthiness of its pitching staff throughout the season.