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Baseball Betting on Texas Rangers

Baseball betting on the 2008 Texas Rangers does not look very promising for Rangers baseball betting fans.

The team performed quite poorly last year and a baseball bet on the Rangers last season was a losing baseball bet far more than it was a winning baseball bet. While the new season offers the Rangers the potential to turn their team around, few baseball betting analysts are anticipating much of a change.

Baseball betting on the Rangers last year was simply disappointing. The team’s regular season overall record of 75-87 left them at the very bottom of the weak AL West. Against the baseball betting lines the team did not perform any better and the squad finished the season with a miserable 76-86 record against the baseball betting run lines.

The Rangers do have a few very talented players on their roster, including shortstop Michael Young, but they do not have many players who have an impact large enough to singlehandedly impact the baseball betting lines.

Furthermore, the Rangers pitching staff is not particularly strong, which means that numerous improvements must be made if the team is going to become a consistently appealing baseball bet. Gamblers looking toward baseball betting on the Rangers in the upcoming season probably have little to hope for aside from continued struggles.

The Rangers have not made the offseason moves necessary to become a playoff team, according to many baseball betting analysts. Nevertheless, baseball betting analysts also recognize that in the four team AL West, where none of the teams are particularly dominant, any team has the potential to reach the playoffs every year.

Therefore, if the Rangers can get on a little roll at the beginning of the season and give the players something to play for then they may exceed the low expectations that so many baseball betting experts have for them.

Also, after such a poor showing last season there is little doubt that the team’s baseball betting lines will be set quite low at the beginning of the season, so if you see any sign of improvement from the club then it may be an indication that the team will be an excellent underdog baseball bet during the first couple of months of the season.

Therefore, you will want to pay attention to the team’s baseball betting potential even if the Rangers do not suddenly look like a playoff-caliber squad.