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Baseball Betting Line handicapping for Tampa Bay Rays at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting line handicapping for the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays can only improve upon last year’s disastrous season.

Evaluating a baseball betting line for the Rays last season involved analyzing the baseball lines for what was arguably the absolute worst team in Major League Baseball.

Few people believe that the Rays will be much better in 2008, but there is a chance you can use that attitude to your advantage in your handicapping of the baseball betting line. Baseball betting line handicapping on the Rays last year seemed to always involve a baseball betting line in which the hopeless Rays were recognized as the underdogs.

The baseball betting line was set with good reason too, as the Rays finished the season with a pitiful .407 record which earned the team the dubious distinction of having the league’s worst regular season record. The team’s baseball betting line had to consistently be set low because the team simply has a dearth of recognizable talent.

The Rays were also beset by a variety of problems that most teams did not have to deal with. For example, center fielder Elijah Dukes was in trouble with the law on various occasions before the Rays finally traded him to the Nationals.

The Rays were so bad that at times one actually felt pity for the organization and wondered how those establishing the baseball betting line could create an appropriate baseball betting line for a team with so many issues.

However, those making the baseball lines were able to compensate for the Rays’ ineptitude and the team finished the season with a somewhat respectable 79-83 record against the baseball lines’ run line, which was far better than their pitiful 66-96 straight up record.

Many gamblers considering baseball betting line handicapping for the upcoming season will likely be expecting more of the same from Tampa Bay. It is true that the team will likely struggle to finish over .500, but it is also reasonable to assume that the team will be able to improve upon last year’s debacle.

If they do so, the Rays may actually offer decent baseball betting line value at times because the baseball lines for the team will be set so low that even a mediocre team will have a decent shot at covering them.

In other words, as you look to the Rays’ baseball betting line this season, try to ignore last season’s struggles and focus on the team’s real potential to be a squad that can approach .500 this season.