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Baseball Bet Online on St Louis Cardinals at Sports Gambling

Baseball bet online on the St Louis Cardinals in 2008 does not seem to provide much reason for optimism.

Gambling veterans know that the Cardinals won the World Series not long ago, but last year the team was a horrible baseball bet and could not even end the season above .500.

Albert Pujols certainly has the potential to lead his team to the postseason again, but the fact of the matter is that the Cardinals are heading in the wrong direction and will doubtfully provide much value for baseball bet online in 2008. Baseball bet online on the Cardinals in 2007 was often nothing more than a bad baseball bet.

The squad finished the year with a lame 78-84 record against the run lines, signifying the team was anything but a good prospect for baseball bet online. That record was, in fact, identical to the team’s overall record, which illustrates just how far the Cardinals have fallen since winning the World Series in 2006.

The Cardinals’ management is often criticized for not spending enough money to field a competitive roster, which is important to know as you baseball bet online. There is definitely a possibility that the Cardinals will regroup for 2008 and once again become a top baseball bet by playing more like the 2006 Cardinals than the 2007 Cardinals.

The Cardinals do have superstar Albert Pujols and those who baseball bet online regard him as highly as any other player in the league and know that he can singlehandedly win a baseball bet for the Cardinals.

However, the team’s management seems reluctant to surround Pujols with the talent he needs to win consistently, and those who baseball bet online have come to terms with the fact that, even with Pujols, it may be a long time before the Cardinals are a top baseball bet online.

The Cardinals also enjoy the benefit of playing in the weak NL Central. Although the division involves six different teams, not one of them is a perennial powerhouse, meaning any team can win the division any year and it can be hard to predict which of the six teams will be the best baseball bet online in any given season.

In 2008, those who baseball bet online will anticipate low betting odds that reflect the Cardinals recent stumbles, meaning that at the beginning of the season favorable odds may make a Cardinals baseball bet online relatively tempting.

Nevertheless, while some value may be had, the Cardinals will almost assuredly have to improve on last season’s debacle if they are going to be a profitable baseball bet online for 2008.