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Baseball Betting on Seattle Mariners at Sports Gambling

The upcoming 2008 season may be the year for the Mariners to finally return to the postseason, but many baseball betting analysts believe such a situation to be a long shot.

Baseball betting on the 2008 Seattle Mariners should provide an interesting storyline because most baseball betting enthusiasts believe the Mariners are trying to prove to superstar Ichiro Suzuki that the franchise is aiming to win a title, as the organization knows that Suzuki may look to leave Seattle if the team does not rapidly improve.

Last season the Mariners did fairly well and were a decent baseball bet for gamblers, but the team was consistently done in by a weak defense. Baseball betting on the Mariners was actually quite respectable in 2008 because the team outperformed the expectations of many baseball betting experts.

The Mariners finished the year with an 88-74 record and a respectable 86-76 record against the baseball betting run lines. A baseball bet on the Mariners was often won by its offense or lost by its defense, as the team fielded one of the top offenses in the league last year, but was consistently hampered by its weak defense.

The team finished last year with a 4.77 ERA, which baseball betting analysts know is not good enough for the Mariners to be a true contender. Most baseball betting experts believe that if the Mariners are going to make it to the postseason again then they need to upgrade their bullpen and stop depending so much on Suzuki.

Many baseball betting analysts believe 2008 will be a make or break year for the Mariners because Suzuki has given indications that he will leave if the Mariners do not improve. The Mariners certainly do have the potential to make the postseason again, especially due to the fact that they play in the particularly weak AL West division.

The Angels look to be good next season, and are the popular baseball bet to win the division again, but the Mariners should be able to at least remain competitive.

The Mariners may not offer quite the same amount of baseball betting value that they did last year, as the expectations of baseball betting fans will be higher, but the Mariners are still a team that can fly under the radar and offer a tremendous baseball bet at times.

Especially if Suzuki and the other batters get hot, then a baseball bet on the Mariners can offer as much value as any other team in the league, so be sure not to overlook this team as you are analyzing the 2008 baseball betting odds.