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MLB Betting on San Diego Padres at Sports Gambling

MLB betting on the 2008 San Diego Padres is being seen as very promising by some MLB baseball betting analysts.

The Padres were fairly successful in 2007 and did provide some MLB baseball betting value despite playing in a particularly competitive conference. Furthermore, the team’s strong pitching staff has many MLB betting enthusiasts optimistic about the future in San Diego.

MLB betting on the Padres in 2007 was profitable, but only to a very minor extent. The Padres finished the season with a highly respectable 89-74 record, yet failed to earn a trip to the postseason because they lost their single-elimination tiebreaker to the Rockies.

This fact has many MLB baseball betting experts predicting a strong showing from the Padres in 2008 as they look to earn the playoff trip that was taken away from them at the last moment in 2007.

Against the MLB betting lines in 2007 the Padres posted a slightly negative record of 81-82 against the MLB betting run lines, but the team actually provided overall positive units due to how those MLB betting wagers paid off.

Hopes are certainly high for MLB baseball betting on San Diego in 2008 after the team proved last year just how much potential it really has. MLB betting analysts know that the road certainly will not be easy for the Padres because they play in the ultra-competitive NL West, in which all but one team finished last year above .500.

Nevertheless, the Padres’ main strength comes from their pitching staff, which is a team characteristic preferred by many MLB baseball gambling enthusiasts. The Padres sent pitchers Jake Peavy, Trevor Hoffman, and Chris Young all to the All-Star game last season and all three pitchers will be back for 2008.

With such a strong bullpen, MLB betting analysts know that the Padres will be able to earn lots of victories and even achieve some big upsets.

However, the Padres’ offense was fairly weak last year and if the team cannot put more runs on the board then MLB betting analysts claim the team may spend another year on the outside looking in once the playoffs start.

But if the Padres are able to increase their firepower in 2008 then they could become one of the most dangerous team’s in the league and an excellent value for MLB betting.

Therefore, as the season begins and you start your MLB betting, you should pay particularly close attention to the Padres offense, as that may be the best indicator of just how far the team can go in the 2008 MLB baseball betting season.