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Baseball Pre Season Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

Baseball pre season betting odds are a little bit different than regular season odds.

There are no totals, no pitchers, no run lines and rarely is a team ever favored by more than -150. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making baseball pre season betting odds. Baseball pre season betting odds are very generic. That is the first thing to remember.

Most of the time the home team is going to be about a -120 favorite in baseball preseason betting odds. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the key players for each team usually only play about half the game and pitchers go even less time. This means that second and third string players are deciding the outcome of the game most of the time.

This makes setting baseball betting odds difficult so the oddsmakers just generically set the lines. They will give more weight to a good time than to a bad team in baseball preseason betting odds though. For example, the Yankees might be favored on the road at -120 or so while a team like Cincinnati would be an underdog.

The Yankees might also be -140 instead of -120 when they were at home in baseball preseason betting action. The second reason that baseball preseason betting odds are generic is that there are no listed pitchers. The oddsmakers are not going to do the work of listing pitchers when the starter only goes between 2-5 innings.

You could actually add a third reason to why baseball preseason betting odds are generic. That third reason is because baseball preseason betting odds get very limited action. The sportsbooks put up baseball preseason betting odds but most gamblers don’t bet them.

Even wiseguys that know the starting rotations and players are hesitant to get involved in baseball betting during the exhibition season because the starters only play half the game or less. As you consider baseball preseason betting odds this March remember that the odds will be very generic for the first few weeks.

The last week of baseball betting odds in the exhibition season will start to show higher lines because teams are using more of their regulars and treating the games for real. The first few weeks has little of that and that is why the baseball betting odds you see will look very similar each day.