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Baseball Preseason Betting Information at Sports Gambling

Baseball preseason betting is first and foremost about finding good information on the games.

It is not like the regular season where you look at statistics, starting pitchers and trends. Baseball preseason betting is almost 100% about getting better information than the oddsmakers. Baseball preseason betting is about information because many times teams will rest players or start rookies in the lineups.

You can find out this information while the oddsmakers won’t. The oddsmakers simply don’t care who is starting in the lineups or who is pitching. You can find out the information and win at baseball preseason betting If you see that Jake Peavy is pitching for the Padres against some rookie for the Nationals you can bet the Padres.

You won’t always win but you sure do have an advantage in that baseball betting matchup and you probably are only laying -130 or so instead of the -200 you might lay in regular season baseball betting.

This can be a huge edge especially if in addition to finding out that Peavy is going you find out that the Padres are playing their regulars while Washington is going with rookies. The line on the game would be well over -200 in that situation but in baseball preseason betting it probably won’t even be -150.

Keep that in mind as you look at the baseball preseason betting odds this season. Information is everything in baseball preseason betting. It doesn’t guarantee you will win every game but it sure does increase your chances in baseball betting. It is far superior to anything you will find during the regular season.

Even though baseball preseason betting can be unpredictable at times, the information edge you have will be the difference in the long run. You won’t win every game but you will have the advantage over the baseball betting oddsmaker and that is all you can ever hope for.

The baseball preseason betting lines are listed generically at -120 or so for the home team in many situations. These baseball preseason betting odds are not what they should be because the oddsmakers don’t do the work.

Take a serious look at baseball preseason betting this year. You can make money if you are willing to do the work necessary to find out starting lineups and starting pitchers.