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Baseball Betting Playoffs at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting playoffs in 2007 have seen three out of four division series end in sweeps with baseball odds having three of the four underdogs as winners.

The Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians all won in the baseball betting playoffs as underdogs while the Boston Red Sox were the only favorite to win. Baseball betting playoffs action continues in 2007 with League Championship action as the baseball odds in the American League have the Boston Red Sox favored over the Cleveland Indians.

In the National League baseball playoffs it will be the Colorado Rockies a slight favorite in baseball odds over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The most popular team on the baseball odds board for bettors during the baseball playoffs in 2007 is the Boston Red Sox. The three other teams are well below the Red Sox in popularity in the baseball playoffs.

The Red Sox have the tradition, talent and following that makes them a popular bet in the baseball playoffs. Arizona and Colorado have a limited following from the National public while the Indians are in the same category.

Betting the baseball playoffs will have the Red Sox favored in baseball odds in nearly every game against Cleveland while the games between Colorado and Arizona will be close on the baseball odds board.

The Boston Red Sox have the big names like Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez while the Cleveland Indians have many players lower on the radar. In the National League very few people know much about Arizona other than the fact they have Brandon Webb.

The same holds true for Colorado since about the only player that most people recognize is Todd Helton. The baseball playoffs in 2007 will have the American League a heavy favorite in the World Series since both Colorado and Arizona are thought of as weaker teams.

Remember though that baseball gamblers thought the same thing last year and St. Louis upset Detroit to win the World Series.