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Online Baseball Betting on Totals at Sports Gambling

Online baseball betting often centers around the run line and the money line, yet baseball betting on totals should not be overlooked.

One can often find great value through online baseball betting on totals, and totals also enlarge the baseball betting board to offer greater opportunity to find value in the online baseball betting lines.

When baseball betting on totals, one must simply gauge a match up’s two offenses and defenses to determine what chances each team has of scoring many runs. Online baseball betting without considering totals is one way in which baseball betting enthusiasts cheat themselves out of value.

By only looking at the online baseball betting lines in the run line and money line columns, one is not scanning the whole board for value. It is fairly common that the normal online baseball betting lines do not provide much value, but the total lines do.

In fact, this is often the case because the run line and money line for any match up are related, but the over/under line is mostly independent. When online baseball betting on the totals, a gambler must be sure to carefully evaluate how well each offense will likely do against its opposing defense.

Therefore, when online baseball betting on totals, one must pay very close attention to the different pitchers. As any online baseball betting veteran knows, two good pitchers mean few runs, while two mediocre pitchers mean lots of runs.

However, sometimes one team will be able to score enough runs on its own to cover the over/under number in the online baseball betting lines, so the opposing team’s offense is fully irrelevant if you are betting on the over.

Also, one fairly unique element about baseball is that every ballpark is different from the next, meaning that more runs tend to be scored in some parks than others. As a result, when doing your online baseball betting, you must be sure to consider where a game is being played and whether that field is friendlier to batters or to pitchers.

Furthermore, when doing your online baseball betting, you must think about the weather, because the weather can definitely impact the total. The ball tends to travel further in warm temperatures, which is due to differences in air densities, and this difference can impact the number of runs being scored.

Additionally, the wind is an important factor to consider if it is blowing into or behind the batters.