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Baseball Betting on the Oakland Athletics at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting on the 2008 Oakland Athletics looks to be interesting this year because offseason moves indicate the team is in rebuilding mode.

The A’s struggled mightily last season and baseball betting experts know that they did not provide a good baseball bet throughout much of the year either. There is a chance that the squad will improve in 2008 and its baseball betting will be better, yet there is reason to be skeptical of that outcome.

Baseball betting on the Oakland A’s was not pleasant at all last season. The squad finished the year with a forgettable 76-86 overall record. Against the baseball betting spread the team was not much better and they posted a 79-83 record against the baseball betting run lines.

Oakland does have the advantage of playing in a fairly weak, four team division, yet even that is not enough to allow them to become a baseball betting powerhouse and many baseball betting enthusiasts only place a baseball bet on the team very infrequently.

The one bright spot in last year’s Athletics season was pitcher Dan Haren, who had a tremendous year and ended up starting in the All-Star game. Haren is a talented young pitcher and many gamblers enjoy placing a baseball bet on the pitcher because he is such a consistent force on the mound.

However, the A’s traded Haren to the Diamondbacks during offseason for several young prospects, which is a strong signal that the A’s are rebuilding their foundation and are more interested in building for the future than winning in the present.

That fact is important baseball betting knowledge and should give anyone considering a baseball bet on the team reason for hesitation. Most baseball betting analysts agree that the A’s will not improve much, if at all, in 2008 and will likely finish the year at the bottom of their division once again.

The baseball betting lines will surely be adapted to accommodate for any A’s struggles this season, so they should be bet upon accordingly, but anyone looking for the A’s to become a baseball betting powerhouse will likely be very disappointed.

Gamblers will actually be more likely to find baseball betting value on the team if the A’s play quite poorly at the beginning of the season and their baseball betting lines plummet, thereby allowing bettors to take advantage of the team being listed as massive underdogs.