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Baseball Betting Odds for New York Yankees at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting odds for the 2008 NY Yankees will likely be very reflective of last season, in which the baseball odds respected the Yankees’ ability to win.

The Yankees qualified for the Playoffs in 2007, but with their first-round ousting the year was considered a failure in New York, where expectations are always very high.

The Yankees will certainly be competitive again in 2008 and the baseball betting odds will likely favor them consistently, but gamblers will want to pay close attention to the pitching staff when evaluating the team’s baseball odds. Baseball betting odds for the Yankees last season had gamblers on a wild roller coaster ride due to the team’s many ups and downs.

At times, the Yankees were on fire and it seemed as though they could not lose against the baseball betting odds, but at other times the squad turned ice cold and bettors avoided the team’s baseball betting odds without hesitation.

In the end, betting on the Yankees’ baseball betting odds would have come out fairly flat, as the team finished with an 83-79 record against the baseball odds’ run line.

The team’s record against the baseball betting odds was not nearly as good as its overall record of 94-68, but bettors always expect so much out of the Bronx Bombers that the baseball betting odds are placed highly and the team needs to perform quite well to cover those baseball betting odds.

For most teams in the MLB, finishing with over 90 wins and a Playoff berth would be considered a successful year, but for the Yankees organization it was anything but successful, so those looking at the team’s baseball betting odds in 2008 should know the team is looking to re-establish itself.

There is little question that the Yankees still have the tools to be a World Series champion, and the baseball odds will reflect this fact from the first game of the season. Alex Rodriguez was an MVP last year and the Yankees roster is full of other superstars, including Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, and Hideki Matsui.

However, the team’s one weakness is its pitching staff and the baseball betting odds will continue to recognize this vulnerability. Many gamblers figured the team would pick up Johan Santana this offseason to boost its bullpen, and such an acquisition would have certainly impacted the team’s baseball betting odds.

Nevertheless, the Mets were able to sign Santana, so now gamblers should carefully watch the Yankees’ pitching staff early in the season in order to predict the value of the team’s baseball betting odds.