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MLB Betting - Wakamatsu Fired

MLB betting expectations were high for the Mariners at the start of the season after their better than expected baseball betting online results of 2009.

MLB betting handicappers have been cleaned out by Seattle this year as the Mariners have been one of the biggest losers on the baseball betting online board.

When a team picked for first instead is in last that usually means that the manager is in trouble and that was the case as Seattle fired manager Don Wakamatsu, who was the toast of the town last year and described by Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik as his “crown jewel.”

Wakamatsu is the first Japanese-American manager in MLB history and was fired just one week after Zduriencik announced that “Don’s our manager.”

To make matters more ironic the Mariners were coming off a rare series win with the MLB odds when Wakamatsu was let go.

“I was a little surprised by the timing,” said Wakamatsu.  “But I thought there was probably a move coming.”

Wakamatsu voiced no bitterness about the firing.  He was in his second year on the job.  He was thankful to the Mariner organization for the chance and looks forward to returning to the Dallas area in time for football season where his sons are playing.

“The organization makes the decision to move on, and I respect that,” said Wakamatsu.  “I respect that they gave me the opportunity.  My whole thing is that I will have a measure of disappointment in not being able to win.”

Beyond that Wakamatsu did not want to elaborate on what went wrong and why he went from a rookie sensation that helped make the Mariners one of the most profitable teams with the baseball lines last year to a fired manager of a last place bankroll buster.

Wakamatsu was fired after Seattle won just 44 out of 114 games to start the year.

Last year Seattle was 85-77 after a horrible 2008 season in which they went 61-101.  Wakamatsu was hailed for healing the fractured clubhouse and for his special relationship with Ken Griffey Jr.  Griffey returned at the start of this season after knee surgery and was ineffective.

He retired early in June but not before causing a considerable amount of MLB betting problems for the Mariners and Wakamatsu.

Seattle tied for the worst month in team history by going 6-22 in July.