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MLB Betting - It's Ryan's Rangers Now

MLB betting handicappers and fans have been quite surprised at the dominance of the Texas Rangers with the MLB odds and the American League West Division.

MLB betting expectations were mixed for Texas this year as although they did better than expected with the MLB odds last year, ownership problems were a cloud on 2010.

The Rangers have had to file for bankruptcy protection and have been on the block for over a year.  There were wild rumors and speculation about what would happen to the team and whether or not general manager and former pitching star Nolan Ryan still be involved.

After a lengthy and at times tumultuous process Ryan was able to secure his place with the Rangers not just as general manager but also as a part owner.  Ryan’s group beat out a late and aggressive bid by NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for control of the club.

Ryan has become the first former player in the modern era to actually own a significant piece of a team.

“Did I ever think I’d be in a position to be an owner of a major league baseball team?” said the hall of fame strikeout ace.  “Not at all.  But I never thought I’d throw seven no-hitters either.”

Ryan partnered up with sports attorney Chuck Greenberg for the winning bid.  Ryan will serve as team president and Greenberg as CEO.

Ryan just took a small sip of champagne that was offered to him when the bid was announced at 1 AM.  He was too tired to celebrate at length.

Texas has been one of the top commodities in online baseball betting all season and the next step will be to secure the future of manager Ron Washington.  Washington, however, is focused on getting the Rangers into the playoffs.

“I’m all about baseball,” said Washington.

Washington is in his fourth season on the job and had the Rangers well ahead of Oakland and Los Angeles in the AL West Division race.

Texas was the only team in the AL West to be securely over the .500 mark with the baseball odds and has been consistent both at home and on the road this year.

The Rangers had their share of MLB betting skeptics but optimism now abounds with Ryan’s future secured.

Ryan is given a great deal of the credit for turning the club around with shrewd moves and making for an improved pitching staff.