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MLB Betting Odds for Minnesota Twins at Sports Gambling

MLB betting odds for the 2008 Minnesota Twins will be heavily impacted by the loss of superstar pitcher Johan Santana, who can impact the MLB odds directly.

Even with Santana, the Twins struggled in 2007 and ended the year with a relatively poor record against the MLB betting odds. Consequently, there are some very big question marks surrounding the club as the 2008 season approaches and many gamblers are still debating exactly how to handicap the team’s MLB betting odds.

MLB betting odds for the Twins have often been considered with the name Johan Santana in mind. He is undoubtedly one of the league’s top pitchers and the MLB odds are always adjusted significantly when he takes the mound.

He won Cy Young awards in 2004 and 2006 and his career 93-44 record is particularly impressive when one considers the fact that he has played on a fairly weak team. Despite Santana’s abilities, the Twins only managed a 79-83 record last year and against the run line MLB odds they fared even worse, finishing the year 75-87.

The Twins’ upcoming 2008 season and its MLB betting odds look to be far different from last year because the Twins recently dealt Santana to the Mets. There is no question that losing their best player means the Twins will likely struggle against the MLB betting odds even more than they have struggled against the MLB betting odds in years past.

However, the fact that Santana is a pitcher should be of some benefit as you handicap the Twins’ MLB betting odds, because he only plays once every few games, meaning you should already have plenty of experience handicapping the team’s MLB betting odds without Santana.

Also, by dealing Santana, the Twins sent a very strong signal that they are entering a rebuilding phase, which should have a direct influence on how you interpret their MLB betting odds.

Sometimes such clubs are able to succeed almost immediately, and when they do so these teams are particularly valuable in the MLB odds because the MLB betting odds generally underestimate such teams.

However, such a situation is the exception to the rule, and more often than not teams in the position where the Twins are right now need several seasons before they can become truly competitive.

Also, both Cleveland and Detroit look to be fairly strong this year, so one can expect the MLB betting odds to reflect the Twins as big underdogs in a high percentage of their games.