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MLB Betting Odds for Kansas City Royals at Sports Gambling

MLB betting odds for the 2008 Kansas City Royals will likely be similar to those of years past, as this struggling club has little to show for itself from the last decade.

The Royals are a small market team with limited talent and the MLB odds reflect this fact. Also, those handicapping the team’s MLB betting odds have come to expect nothing more than mediocrity from the Royals.

Last season the Royals finished in the cellar of the AL Central once again and those analyzing the MLB betting odds see little hope the team will do much better in 2008. MLB betting odds for the Royals have become somewhat consistent because the team has been so consistently bad for many, many seasons.

Some teams strive for championships, other teams strive for playoff berths, yet, teams like the Royals simply strive for winning seasons. Last year the Royals finished with a 69-93 record, which was one of the worst in the MLB. However, the team actually performed fairly well against the MLB odds, going 85-77 against the run line MLB betting odds.

This relative success against the MLB betting odds derives from the fact that bettors know the Royals will lose lots of games so the MLB betting odds are set accordingly. In fact, the team’s winning record against the MLB odds even indicates that these MLB betting odds actually underestimate the team at times.

The upcoming year looks to have much of the same for Royals fans and gamblers handicapping the team’s MLB betting odds. The squad does have a few top players who can impact the MLB betting odds, such as pitcher Gil Meche, but overall the team’s talent pool is quite limited.

Nevertheless, as last year’s record against the MLB odds indicates, the Royals’ penchant for losing seasons is no reasons to overlook their MLB betting odds.

The team should be handicapped as closely as any other and its MLB betting odds may offer quite excellent value at times when the Royals are playing as underdogs and the MLB betting odds have not granted them the limited credit they deserve.

Remember that even the worst teams win more than two out of every five games, so do not cheat yourself by not paying attention to the MLB betting odds for the cellar teams like the Kansas City Royals.