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Baseball Gambling on Houston Astros at Sports Gambling

Baseball gambling on the Astros is somewhat perplexing to many MLB gambling experts, because the team has so much potential yet often fails to deliver.

Last year the team struggled throughout the entire season and finished the year with a horrible record against the baseball gambling odds. The upcoming 2008 season offers the opportunity for Houston to start fresh, but it remains unclear whether the Astros will be baseball gambling disappointments or a baseball gambling phenomenon.

Baseball gambling on the Houston Astros in 2007 was discouraging because the team simply played poorly. Houston finished the year with a horrible 73-89 record despite playing in a division with relatively little talent.

Against the online baseball gambling lines the team did not do much better and ended up with an identical 73-89 record against the baseball gambling run lines.

This online baseball gambling season was particularly disheartening because some baseball gambling analysts had predicted lots of success for the Astros in 2007 and the division was ripe for the taking due to the downfall of the Cardinals. However, the Astros failed to deliver and left many baseball gambling experts simply shaking their heads.

Although the team could not even finish close to .500 last year, many baseball gambling analysts once again believe they have a reasonable chance to turn things around and reach the postseason this year. Only the Brewers and Cubs of the NL Central finished last season above .500 and both of those teams have their weaknesses.

The Astros do have a fairly talented roster, with a power hitting offense led by Carlos Lee and a decent bullpen led by Roy Oswalt. Oswalt, in particular, is one of the league’s top pitchers and he heavily impacts the online baseball gambling odds whenever he steps up to the mound.

If the Astros can get a little run going at the beginning of the season then the team can theoretically leave the All-Star break with a realistic opportunity of reaching the postseason and therefore give its players something to compete for.

Also, if Oswalt and Lee can stay healthy and Oswalt can put together a string of excellent starts then the Astros may become a top baseball gambling value team in 2008.

In fact, it may help that the team performed so poorly in 2007 because it will lead to low baseball gambling odds at the beginning of the season that the Astros should be able to cover if they can live up to their baseball gambling potential.