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Gambling Sports - 'Sho-Time' in Baltimore

Gambling sports handicappers have long turned away from the Baltimore Orioles as a serious sports book gambling commodity to consider.

Gambling sports with the Orioles is one of the biggest money losing propositions on the sports book gambling board this year as they again toil in last place.

The Orioles have long been the doormat of the American League East Division and have lost a considerable amount of fans as well as gamblers and their .311 win percentage at the time of the announcement is the worst in baseball.

With all of their problems, however, has come a new opportunity to re-make the franchise and its image.  Buck Showalter was hired as manager of the Orioles and will take over on August 3 with the assignment of building a winner.  While it won’t be easy Showalter has shown before that he can take a bad team and make it win quickly.

The Orioles are in the midst of their 13th consecutive losing season and are one of the least attractive baseball wagering commodities on the board.  Camden Yards used to be sold out for the entire season but now is empty as fans have completed revolted against the product put on the field.  Showalter has the task of turning all of that around.

Showalter won Manager of the Year awards in 1994 with the New York Yankees and in 2004 with the Texas Rangers.  Both times he led dramatic turnarounds, as he also did with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Showalter has also been star-crossed as he has been fired by both the Yankees and the Diamondbacks only to see those teams that he helped build up go on to win the World Series without him.

Baltimore’s value should improve with the baseball odds as Showalter is known for having teams that play with excellent fundamentals.  Showalter has the reputation for being a superb planner with exquisite attention to detail and preparation.  He also tends to wear out his welcome with players by seeming to be nitpicky.

“Buck Showalter’s proven track record makes him the right choice for manager of the Orioles,” said Baltimore president of baseball operations Andy McPhail.  “We believe Buck’s extensive experience and expertise will be a major benefit to us as we look towards a more successful future.”

Baltimore is at the bottom of nearly all gambling sports statistics as they rank 28th in run production and 29th in staff earned run average.