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Gambling Sports - Fire Sale in Arizona

Gambling sports fortunes, if you want to call it that, have been virtually nonexistent for the Arizona Diamondbacks during the 2010 sports book gambling season.

Gambling sports handicappers have seen the Diamondbacks become one of the biggest money losers on the sports book gambling board and the worst may be yet to come.

The Diamondbacks unloaded a ton of talent as they waived the white flag of surrender for any hope of accomplishing anything for the 2010 season.  Number one starting pitcher Dan Haren, and number two starter Edwin Jackson were both dealt at the Major League Baseball trade deadline as the Diamondbacks attempt to shave the payroll and save cash.

“We’re trying to create as much flexibility as we can and change the structure of the way our team is built,” said Arizona interim general manager Jerry Dipoto, who has been on the job for just one month.

“To shift pieces on our roster in a way so when we go into the offseason.  We are a last place team, and have been for two years,” continued Dipoto.  “This is an opportunity for us to address our short – and long term goals, which is to put a quality major league team on the field.”

Baseball wagering handicappers will need to check their computers for overload crashes as the Diamond backs made other deals as well including the trades of catcher Chris Snyder to Pittsburgh, reliever Chad Qualls, and outfielder Conor Jackson.

Arizona simply has to do what many other similar organizations do which is make a run and then trim payroll and rebuild.   It is a cycle familiar with fans in Florida and San Diego, for example.

Haren was traded to the Angels and Jackson to the White Sox for the pennant drives of those two teams, who are among the favorites with the baseball odds in the American League to make the playoffs.

Arizona’s pitching staff was ranked 30th in the majors for earned run average and it’s hard to believe that it will improve without its top two starters.

 The Diamondbacks have been one of the top “over” teams in gambling sports with just 39 out of their first 103 games going under the total.  Arizona did rank 7th on offense for home runs.  The Diamondbacks have been one of the worst road teams in baseball with a mark of 14-36 and they won just 6 games in July.