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Gambling Sports - A-Rod and Yanks Focused on Winning

Gambling sports attention has been focused on Alex Rodriguez’s quest for his 600th career home run during an important stretch of the sports book gambling season.

Gambling sports handicappers were more interested in the neck and neck sports book gambling race between the Yankees and Rays in the American League East Division.

Tampa Bay has regained the form that they had earlier in the season when they were the hottest team on the board with the best record in the league.  The Yankees had an emotional July with the death of “The Boss,” George Steinbrenner, as well as the loss of long time public address announcer Bob Sheppard.

It was later learned that former Yankee skipper Ralph Houk also passed away at the end of a mournful month.  Then there has been the circus regarding A-Rod and the 600 homers.  Only 6 players before have hit 600 or more home runs.

The Yankees made more baseball wagering news at the trade deadline when they acquired first baseman Lance Berkman from the Houston Astros and outfielder Austin Kearns from Cleveland.

“That’s great,” said Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira.  “Two quality guys.  I know both of them real well.  They’re both great guys.  It’s going to be good for the clubhouse.”

The Yankees and Rodriguez both made it clear that beating the baseball odds was the main priority and the focus of their attention as the stretch run is about to begin with the most important games of the season yet to come.

Meanwhile Jorge Posada returned to the lineup in the role of designated hitter.  The Yankees catcher has suffered from a sore knee that took him away from working behind the plate.

“When he’s the DH it doesn’t bother him,” said Girardi.  “We’ll give him a day here or there of rest, too.”

The 38-year old Posada admitted that the knee has bothered him off and on since the 2006 season.

Rodriguez had another concern that was on his mind regarding payments due to him from the Texas Rangers, his ex-club that is being sold.  A-Rod is due $25 million in deferred compensation from the Rangers.

Texas made gambling sports news when they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and raised red flags not only to creditors but to players that they owed money too.  The Player’s Union is involved in the sale of the team to make sure that any new owner will honor deferred contracts to players.