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Baseball Gambling Oddsmakers at Sports Gambling

Baseball gambling odds are the one type of sports betting odds that the sportsbooks could really do without.

Baseball gambling is done by gamblers all over the world and a good portion of the money wagered comes from professional bettors. That is not good news for online gambling baseball oddsmakers. Baseball gambling is a problem for oddsmakers because baseball is a money line sport.

When you think about it for a while you will understand why baseball is not a favorite sport for oddsmakers. They have no way of equalizing a game. Let's explain what that means. Baseball is a money line sport so there is no pointspread involved. If it is football or basketball you can always equalize the action.

For example, let's say Miami of Florida is home against Temple in college football. No one in their right mind would think that Temple could win the game outright against Miami. But if you give Temple 35 points then a lot of people are going to be hesitant to take Miami and some will actually want to bet Temple.

Now let's take that same type of example from baseball gambling. If the Red Sox with Josh Beckett are at home against the Royals and there isn't going to be any one that thinks the Royals have much of a chance at victory. Unlike football, the online gambling baseball oddsmaker can't add points onto the Royals since it is a money line sport.

All the baseball gambling oddsmaker can do is raise the money line. Let's say he makes the Red Sox a -300 favorite. So what? If someone likes the Red Sox they can just lay the money and get paid in baseball gambling. The online gambling baseball oddsmaker can't do anything to prevent someone from betting on Boston.

This is a real problem for baseball gambling oddsmakers. Making the baseball gambling odds is not that difficult for oddsmakers. What is difficult for them is preventing baseball gambling players from riding streaks.

We mentioned that baseball is a money line sport, so when a streak happens there is nothing that the oddsmakers can do to prevent baseball gambling players from jumping on board.

In other sports the oddsmakers can end a streak by jacking up the pointspread. They can't do that in online gambling baseball odds because there is no pointspread. Sometimes in baseball gambling there is nothing that the oddsmaker can do except grit his teeth and deal with it.