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Baseball Betting & Pitching at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting begins with looking at the pitchers. When you look at the baseball betting odds you see the starting pitcher’s name right next to the team name.

While the starting pitcher is important in baseball betting, the bullpens also matter. baseball betting many years ago was all about the starting pitcher. A generation ago, the starting pitcher had more direct relevance in making baseball betting picks than it does today because starting pitchers went deeper into games than they do nowadays.

While relief pitching was somewhat important back many years ago in online gambling baseball it was nowhere near the specialized science that it is today with “middlemen,” “setup men,” and “closers.” In today's baseball, a starting pitcher rarely makes it past the seventh inning and many are done before they complete the sixth.

That means if a gambler does not have expertise on a team's bullpen capabilities he is flying blind with his baseball betting picks. No matter how good a starting pitcher may be; if he cannot go past the sixth inning you are making baseball betting picks on a team based on two-thirds of a game, without taking those critical final three frames into account.

And while it might feel nice to be leading a game 3-2 in the sixth inning, if your bullpen is useless, so are such baseball betting picks. You will find that the teams with the best bullpens are teams that are good to have baseball betting picks on.

It is also true that teams with good starting staffs tend to have good bullpens as well, but there are certainly exceptions you will notice in baseball betting. Along those same lines in baseball betting it is important to not just track a team's bullpen statistics but also the amount of innings that the bullpen has been going.

For example, if a team has had to go deep into the bullpen on back to back nights or is coming off a long extra inning game and has a weak starter going in their next game the following day, that is a bad sign and a team to avoid making baseball betting picks on.

As you look at online gambling baseball odds remember to look at more than just the starting pitcher. Look at the statistics for the bullpens as well and you will be a step ahead in online gambling baseball.