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MLB Betting at Sports Gambling

MLB betting is different than betting on football or basketball because online sportsbooks use a money line.

The money line in baseball betting odds determines the amount of MLB wagering money a gambler has to bet and the amount of money won when wagering on either the favorite or the underdog. The money line is listed based on $100 bet.

For example, let’s say the Yankees and White Sox are playing and the money line looks like this: Yankees -140 White Sox +120. In this example, if you wanted your baseball bet on the Yankees you would be putting up $140 and if you win you would collect $240 giving you $100 profit.

Your risk $140 to make $100. If you wanted your baseball bet on the underdog White Sox you would wage $100 and collect $220 if you won. This means that you risk $100 to make $120.

In MLB betting the pitchers are the key. The baseball betting odds money line in baseball is made based on the starting pitchers for the games. You can bet a baseball game several ways depending on the pitching.

In the Yankees-White Sox game listed in the above example lets say that the money line was made based on Mike Mussia pitching for the Yankees and Josh Beckett pitching for the Red Sox. You can bet the game as “action” which means that the bet is good no matter if the pitchers are changed before the game or not.

You can get involved in baseball wagering based on both of the starting pitchers listed when you make your bet. In the event that one of the pitchers either Mussina or Beckett does not start the game your bet will be voided and your original wager will be returned. You can also bet a baseball game based on a pitcher for one team.

If you wanted to bet on the Yankees with Mussina pitching and you did not care who the Red Sox were starting than your bet would be active as long as Mussina started for the Yankees. The run line is used in MLB betting as well. This is where teams are favored by 1.5 runs instead of the money line.

Run lines are advantageous to MLB betting players when they don’t want to lay big prices. Instead of risking the big -200 they may prefer to lay the 1.5 runs at -120 or so. As you consider your MLB wagering picks this season keep these things in mind. You may find that MLB wagering tips are available at many Internet sites.

In addition to MLB wagering tips and picks you can also find great MLB online odds every day during the baseball season.