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Baseball Bet on the 2008 Florida Marlins at Sports Gambling

Baseball bet handicapping of the 2008 Florida Marlins must take into consideration that this struggling club looks to be rebuilding for the future.

The Marlins floundered in 2007 and could not even post a decent record against the baseball betting odds. However, the prospect of placing a baseball bet on the Marlins in 2008 may be even worse.

Baseball bet handicapping for the Marlins last year was often not too pleasant for most baseball betting enthusiasts. The Marlins struggled all season and very early in the year it became clear that a baseball bet on the Marlins was at most a baseball bet on them to cover as underdogs.

The Marlins finished the year with a 71-91 record, which was one of the absolute worst in the MLB and left them at the very bottom of the NL East. The Marlins also were an unprofitable baseball bet, as the team posted a 76-86 record against the baseball betting run lines.

The upcoming 2008 season could offer new hope to this troubled franchise, but most baseball betting analysts looking to place a baseball bet on the team this year are certainly doubtful. During the offseason the Marlins traded their two top players, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, to the Tigers in exchange for a handful of prospects.

This trade had become inevitable because the two players were clearly not happy playing for a team that was years away from being a contender. However, for those placing a baseball bet, the trade also serves as a clear signal to indicate that the team is focused on rebuilding and there is little hope for tangible improvement during the next couple of seasons.

With that being the case, the value of a baseball bet on the Marlins in 2008 likely will not be much different from the value of a baseball bet on the Marlins in 2007. In fact, the Marlins may be an even worse baseball bet this year after the loss of Cabrera and Willis.

Nevertheless, there is also the possibility that the baseball betting lines will adapt to the new Marlins and be posted even lower than they were last year. Such a move would clearly offer a baseball bet on the Marlins significantly more value, however, that is not to say such a baseball bet would be consistently profitable throughout the MLB season.