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MLB Betting Odds for Detroit Tigers at Sports Gambling

MLB betting odds will likely offer the Tigers as significant favorites in many match ups because Detroit looks to be one of the more promising teams in the league.

Last year the Tigers did fairly well, but various injuries meant the team underperformed at times and was fairly unsuccessful at covering the baseball odds. The MLB betting odds for 2008 will probably anticipate the Tigers to come back strong, so the key to evaluating the team’s MLB odds will be carefully analyzing the team’s true potential as a consistent favorite in the MLB betting odds.

MLB betting odds were set somewhat high for the Tigers in 2007 and the team was unable to perform accordingly. The Tigers finished the year with a fairly decent 88-74 overall record, but Detroit’s record against the run line MLB betting odds was a dismal 77-85.

This inability to consistently cover the MLB betting odds is actually not very surprising given the team’s circumstances. In 2006 Detroit earned a trip to the World Series, but last year a slew of injuries, particularly to the pitching staff, meant that the Tigers struggled during certain points of the season and could not live up to the expectations laid out in the MLB betting odds.

There is no question that the Tigers will be looking to return to the playoffs again in 2008, but after last season’s mediocrity their MLB odds will likely be more realistic this year than the MLB odds were last year.

Detroit has one of the strongest pitching staffs in the league, with aces like Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Kenny Rogers, and Nate Robertson, and the team’s success definitely lies on the shoulders of its pitchers.

If the pitching staff can stay healthy, then the Tigers may provide some very tempting MLB betting odds this year, but a couple of pitching injuries will make you want to seriously rethink the team’s MLB odds.

Assuming the Tigers can stay healthy, then do not be surprised to eventually be handicapping the team’s MLB betting odds deep into the postseason, because as many gamblers know, pitching is the key to playoff success.

Also, when wagering on the MLB betting odds of a team with a strong pitching staff, it is important not to become carried away with the team’s overall record and start betting blindly on their MLB betting odds.

The Tigers’ rotation may end up including some weak pitchers and you must evaluate the team’s MLB betting odds accordingly when none of the top pitchers are on the mound because the squad may be a completely different team in such situations.