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Baseball Gambling on Cincinnati Reds at Sports Gambling

Baseball gambling on the Reds will be a repeat of the last few years of online baseball gambling in which they have primarily struggled to just post winning seasons.

Last year the Reds barely earned 70 wins, but did fare slightly better against the baseball gambling odds. Cincinnati may be able to turn things around in 2008, but baseball gambling history certainly leads one to doubt that idea.

Baseball gambling in the Reds in 2007 was at least not as bad as it could have been, simply because the team’s baseball gambling odds are always set so low. The Reds finished the season with an overall record of 72-90 despite playing in the incredibly weak NL Central division.

However, the Reds performed far better against the online baseball gambling odds and actually posted an 81-81 record against the baseball gambling run lines. This fact is simply reflective of how little credit the lines makers and baseball gambling enthusiasts give the Reds.

Simply put, few online baseball gambling fans expect much of anything from the Reds anymore. The Reds do have some talented players who can impact the baseball gambling lines. For example, Ken Griffey Jr. remains one of the top players in the MLB and he even earned a starting spot on last year’s All-Star team.

Also, during the offseason the Reds picked up All-Star reliever Francisco Cordero from the Brewers. However, baseball gambling experts also realize that it does not bode well for the franchise when Griffey had a stellar year in 2007 and the Reds still could not even come close to breaking .500.

In effect, it will likely take a lot more than the signing of Cordero to improve the lot of this floundering team. Nevertheless, the team has clearly already lost the confidence of the online baseball gambling world, so it is certain that the team’s baseball gambling odds will give the team lots of room for failure again in 2008.

If the Reds can improve just slightly over last season then they may in fact offer baseball gambling value, even without having a winning season. Therefore, you should not let last year’s horrible record immediately scare you away from baseball gambling on the Reds.

That ideal scenario is obviously far from guaranteed, but it is the most one can realistically hope for when anticipating baseball gambling on the Reds in 2008.