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MLB Betting Odds for Chicago White Sox at Sports Gambling

MLB betting odds for the White Sox will give gamblers the opportunity to handicap odds for a team with lots of potential to improve upon a highly disappointing 2007 season.

Last year seemed like nothing but problems for the White Sox, and this fact was shown in the reduced MLB betting odds of a team that won the World Series not long ago. There is little doubt that the team is eagerly anticipating the beginning of a new season and those handicapping the MLB betting odds should consider this team a possible surprise contender this year.

MLB betting odds for the White Sox last year did not grant the team much confidence and typically the MLB odds listed the White Sox as underdogs against teams they would have dominated just a few seasons back. The Sox dealt with several horrible cold streaks throughout the year and finished with a pitiful 72-90 overall record.

However, because the MLB betting odds granted the team so little credit, the White Sox actually finished the year with an 84-78 record against the run line MLB betting odds.

Both the Indians and Tigers look to be strong contenders in the AL Central this season, but some astute gamblers looking ahead to the MLB odds feel as though the White Sox have a chance to reach the postseason again.

Nearly every MLB handicapper considering MLB betting odds knows that Manager Ozzie Guillen plays to win and he will not be content floundering with a struggling club. Also, the White Sox have several very high caliber players, including pitcher Bobby Jenks, who are capable of independently impacting the MLB odds.

If the White Sox can improve slightly this year then there is a reasonable chance they will offer consistent value in the MLB betting odds. As one can see from their record against the MLB betting odds last season, they did fairly well against the MLB betting odds despite doing poorly overall, which is an indication that many bettors have little confidence in the team.

If that lack of confidence persists but the team is able to improve then a perfect situation will arise for valuable MLB betting odds to become available.

Therefore, as you handicap the MLB betting odds at the beginning of the season you should keep a close eye on Chicago to see if they are making promising improvements on last year’s debacle or continuing to struggle as they did last season.